Capturing your Audience

You are a blogger. You know about local small business seo, and what it takes to put yourself out there, but where are your readers? Capturing your audiences attention is the most crucial step in whatever you are doing. In the case of the small businessman the audience is your clientele. They are asking themselves “Why am I reading this?” or “Why buy local?” or “Why should I buy from you?”
You have to know who you are talking to and how to reach them. When reading a book how far do you usually go? For me, I give the benefit of the doubt, and read the first chapter. I am kinder than most as they usually will only read the first paragraph or two. This means that the author doesn’t have much time to capture his/her audience. The same is true with your customer base. There is a lot of competition out there and you may only get one (two if lucky) to capture your customer’s attention.

Know Who is Your Client

The first step to capturing your client is to know who they are first. Know your customer’s demographics, such as age, gender, religion, cultural background, and other preferences associated with the business. If your business is geared towards teenage females, then it may not be as appealing to teenage boys. Keep in mind, your product can cross demographics. For example, the before mentioned teenage girls, some part of your business may also appeal to college age girls and quite possibly boys if presented the right way. You never know when a product can cross paths through another demographic, so be very aware of new trends.

  • Know your client
  • Explore demographics
  • Talk to them appropriately

Know How to Reach Them

The old adage “if you can’t reach them, you can’t teach them” is very true. From the business point of view, if you can’t reach them, you can’t sell to them. So it is crucial for the businesses best interest to learn what the ideal medium is to in order reach to your clients. There are a multitude of options you can take. For example, there is the old fashioned semi-cost effective advertisement in the local paper. This is a good stand by, unfortunately your reach is limited by circulation. Though it extends your reach a bit more, there are  the options of billboards, radio, or t.v. advertisement, but both of those are a bit pricey. The least expensive, and yet the method with the most reach, is social media sites such as Twitter, Facebook, and Pinterest. Some sites, such as pinterest offer tracking and other marketing tools.

photo credit: Phone Home via photopin (license)