How engaged are your readers?

When your blog the voice of your opinion or maybe your business, you will need to know how engaged are your readers. There are ways to determine the data needed to know how many visits  and how long people make to your blog. These numbers can be used as an indicator of the popularity of your blog, and remind your customers to buy local. If the main purpose of your blog is to re-direct traffic, and the numbers show a high rate of visits but a short duration time, that is a good thing. But, if you are blogging for content, it as a bad thing because people are not engaged and leave the site. A reader will not become a customer without being engaged, and it’s important to make customers the benefits of buying local.

Some Rules to Help Guide You

Some of the best advise is to communicate on the same level as the visitors to your blog. When interacting you should be mindful of how you are presenting yourself. If you use language that is too simple, your bloggers might assume that you think they aren’t smart. If you use language that uses “fancy words”, your audience might feel that you are trying to inflate yourself. Just communicate with your readers as if you were talking to them face to face. Keep your blogs short and sweet. Limit the length and content, keep concise.

  • Keep blogs short
  • Limit length
  • Be concise
  • Treat the blog like a face-to-face conversation
  • Stay on subject

Keep on Task

If your blog is about geology, there is no purpose to writing about your Aunt Pebble’s pear tree.  Keep the content in line with your blog. Make your blog fun, provide unknown facts or give a visual clue. Stimulate the reader as much as possible. Use the senses that you are directly able to reach such as sight and sound and use the subconscious for the other senses through the use of descriptors (the aroma is so titillating, or that mint was like a breath of fresh air). You are basically guaranteed an audience if you can keep your content as interesting and informative as possible. After all, the average adult in the United States spends approximately 5 hours a day reading digital content.

photo credit: University Life 143 via photopin (license)