Make your blog “work” for you?

Your business has not been introduced to a blog, but how to make it work for you. Blogging is an wonderful opportunity offered to business that do not have a very big marketing or advertising budget. So you’ll have to focus on incorporating local seo for small business owners like yourself. Your blog is your business. The information about the blog doesn’t just stay in the blog, but it spreads through other media sites such as Pinterest, Facebook, and Twitter. Pinterest has an infinite scrolling technology that provides it’s members the benefit from seamless browsing. A question you may have is who will maintain the blog in your small local business? Easy enough, use a third party writer. This person will write what you want, and then keep track of the blogging for you.

How to make a blog work

All business should base their work ethic on being honest and have integrity. But we all know that ethical issues in business exist. Don’t let the question of your integrity be sullied. Always be honest or you when you get caught your image is going to suffer. Your name has value, so don’t cut your self short. Be polite, rudeness never got anyone anywhere. Not to mention, you are on the web so your responses are permanent, and you might not be able to take that back. Be informative. Write about everything that has to do with your business. Say you use a yarn made from natural camel  hair and that is the reason for the unique texture of the hat someone bought last week. Again, tell your readers everything (with the exception of trade secrets of course.)

  • Analytics
  • Be honest
  • Be polite
  • Be informative

How to know that your blog is working

There are tools available such as software or hosting services that allow for analytic data about your blog site. This is an easy way to find statistics about visits, how long the visits were, the behavior of the visitors, and the most popular content. Knowing how many people come to the site will indicate how popular your blog is. Finding out the time that visits lasts are a fantastic way to indicate if people are staying in the blog or are leaving. Finally the writer’s best friend is knowing what the most popular content is so that they can steer towards that information.

photo credit: yining via photopin (license)