What is Cinegagram?

What is a Cinemagram? According to Cinemagram tumblr. frequently asked question it is an application that provides users with a way to create and share videos. The difference from other applications is that Cinemagram allows you to enhance videos with special features and editing options which includes fun filters, stop-motion recording, and cinemagraph animations. There are additional options available as well. This sounds like a fun way to share images, small videos, skits, or whatever can be dreamed up using this new application, which is only available for iPhones at this time. The graphics are really cool and enhance the pictures rather than taking away from them.

How did Cinemagram start?

It all started last year when it first appeared in fashion photography. Temo Chalasani a co-founder of Cinemagram, “saw this new form as a way for photographers to bring out the essence of an image and tell the story behind their pictures in a fun and beautiful way.” Soon after the appearance of this new photographic art form, the founders of Cinemagram were surprised to see how many photographers were trying to replicate this new art form and saw the opportunity to create an application for people with no Photoshop knowledge to create one of these in a matter of seconds. The F&Q even offers tips on how to make a better Cine (an animated photo that is created using Cinemagram).

  • Hold the camera steady
  • Speed up or slow down for dramatic effect
  • Choose how the Cine will loop and play
  • Preview before publishing

What else should you know about Cinemagram?

As with any other thing that you put on the internet, you should know a little something about the privacy policy. Understand that this application was designed for people to share, basically to be an art community where Cines are shared and other users can give feedback. There is an option to make some of the Cines private, but again the basic purpose is to share with others your art. And, of course, when you are in a social situation you are going to want to search out your friends and vice versa. There is a menu provided within Cinemagram, however you can invite friends from other social media sites such as Facebook, and Twitter. This sounds like a really fun app and I can’t wait until it is available for Android!