What is Vine?

What is Vine? In this case it is not a long stemmed plant. Vine is another social sharing media site that exploded into the social media community. This is a fairly new type of social media having been official released in 01/2013. Vine is an application that can be used on smart phones and some computers. The very popular application is designed to create short six second videos. Some of these videos are looped to continuously replay the same six seconds (called revining). Because of the ease of the application and the fact that it can be used anywhere creates a unique opportunity to record anything.

Why Use Vine?

From a business point of view Vine offers features that are perfect for the small business with a limited advertising or marketing fund. Vine is a great visual marketing tool and is already being used by big business. Vine gives small businesses the unique ability to allow viewers to get a six second glimpse of whatever you want pertaining to your company or product, and at the right price…free. Just like most of the social media community, membership is open to anyone. And the cherry on top, Vine can be linked to other social media sites (Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, etc.) offering  your small business the awesome ability to market to a mass market of proportions your business has never experienced before.

  • Easy to use
  • Can be used on mobile devices and computers
  • Reaches a much larger marketplace
  • Videos can be looped to repeat
  • Wide range of features

Features and Uses

Vine offers a number of features and tools to make your experience easier. Because of the portability, videos can be made anywhere and at anytime. So if you happen to be walking through your business and see something you would like to share, just take out your iOS, Android, or Windows phone and capture that moment. The recording can be easily edited. There are some effects that can be used with Vine such as grid and ghost image tools and dedicated channels. Vine is being used for art, marketing, even journalism. If big business is taking advantage of this social media tool, then why can’t you too?

photo credit: Video – Sony Ericsson C905 vs K850i via photopin (license)