What is YouTube?

Launched about 10 years ago, YouTube became a social multi-media sharing engine with a never stop feature already built in. You can find content from all over the world about almost any subject. As long as you follow the rules, any one can be on YouTube. So what does this mean to your small business? A lot. This is a way to make yourself known, get yourself out there! If your business has been established for a long time, YouTube will provide you a way to jump start an aspect of your business people didn’t know about. If your business needs a little nudge YouTube can provide the extra marketing or advertising boost that you are looking for.

Getting Your Business Out There

There are many ways to get your content on YouTube. But you will need to be very, (I mean very) careful content and  of how it is produced. YouTube is quite an engine of change. Why not be part let your company be part of that community. It is amazing how quickly information can be transmitted in such a short period of time. In addition, there are what is now being called surprise celebrities churning out of the YouTube freight train. It doesn’t have to be people either, there was one little kitty out there that had a grumpy looking demeanor. Now you can purchase grumpy cat hats, t-shirts, purses, etc. all be cause of the phenomenal cultural of the YouTube community.  This makes it all the better if your product is on YouTube, especially for customers who wish to only shop local. If your business has a blog you can set up a link to the to the link and vice versa.

  • Exposure that traditional forms of advertising would not be able to affordably done.
  • Fast
  • Possible expansion because of growth from exposure
  • Can be linked into other forums

The Rules

This is going on the World Wide Web, so anything you post will be seen everywhere, unless you get flagged, then no one is going to see anything. Yes, believe it or not after all the crazy stuff you see on YouTube, there are still rules. The rules on YouTube are easily found under the link Community Guidelines on the YouTube home page. The number one rule is to be respectful to the YouTube community. There some very strict guidelines that must be adhered to or you can get banned (this shouldn’t be a problem if you are being professional). To prevent a public relations disaster, your business should have a few rules of its own.

photo credit: 161 via photopin (license)