Blog Celebrities

Blog celebrities. There seems to be a few out there. Some of the more famous ones are oddly enough already famous. And, who better to get the nitty gritty on other celebrities than a celebrity. It is a social phenomenon how the public reacts to the power of celebrity. The public wants to know those little everyday occurrences in a celebrity’s life and are more than willing to offer up an average of five hours a night to social media. Even more so, I must applaud the bravery of these celebrities that allow people to take a view of a snapshot of their life, ideas, and opinions.

The Celebrity Craze

There are a number of highly sought after celebrities who shop local, where the paparazzi is hoping to make a little gold of their own if you know what I mean. I can see where writing a blog will lessen the interest of and the need of a paparazzi. By allowing parts of their lives free access to the public the thrill to gather information about them is lessened substantially. Plus, as a marketing scheme it makes perfect since to keep your name out there without the hassle of having some person stalking around your car at the grocery store reporting on what color lipstick you chose to wear that day to a small local business.

Who Are Some of These Celebrities?

The first celebrity blogger that comes to mind is Perez Hilton sister of reality star, Paris Hilton. I recently visited the site and found it to be very entertaining. Plus the information she had available about other celebrities was done in a professional, respectful manner. Some other very popular celebrity blogs include Vanessa Hudgens, Zooey Deschanel, Dianna Agron, Kim Kardashian, Gray Gubler, Jim Carrey, and Nikki Reed. Some of these names are extremely well known such as Jim Carry, Kim Kardashian, and Vanessa Hudgens. Some of the blogs allows a forum for some to add a little glitter and gleam to the celebrity life, while others are funny and rich in life. It may be a little out there from an older person’s point of view, but I think that the possibility of the reduction of personal risk from stalking paparazzi is worth the trade off of a little of the celebrities personal life.

photo credit: The Art of WordPress via photopin (license)