What is Instagram?

What is Instagram and how can it be used for your business? Instagram has been around for about five years. It is a social media site where photos and short videos can be shared with other social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Tmblr, etc. Instagram can be used on any number of devices and is available through Google Play, App Store, and Windows Phone store for free. Instagram has become very popular rapidly, hosting over 300 million active users. This type of media coverage is a windfall for small and local businesses that are not able to afford a very large marketing or advertising fund.


There are a number of features that have made Instagram so popular. One unique feature comes from the past, for those of you that remember, Instagram formats photos as a square just like the old Kodak Polaroid or Instamatic. Instagram also provides the ability to add digital filters. A very popular feature that is offered by Instagram is the # (hashtag) as a way to link with other pictures. This feature also helps people to find each other on the site. Another feature that Instagram has is Direct, which allows users to send photos to specific people directly from the app.

  • The ability to collect content anywhere for anyone who uses certain smart phones
  • Content from Instagram can be shared with other social media sites
  • length of videos are a maximum 12 seconds.


Just as with other social media, the use of Instagram can  expand your customer base substantially. The hash tag feature is useful to a small business because it makes locating a specific person or business much easier. All that is needed is the hash tag and a title. So it could be as easy as #Yellowbuns for people to find your content. With this service the ability for almost instantaneous marketing becomes available for the small local businesses. If sales aren’t exactly where they should be, Instagram gives the ability for business to offer specials or deals on the spot. Instagram is both a convenient and fast way to keep in contact with your current customer base.

photo credit: i have done nothing via photopin (license)