What is Pinterest?

Pinterest is a free social, multi-media website. Pinterest does require membership registration, however it is open to all, individuals and business alike. It serves something like an information hub which allows users the ability to upload and share various forms of media content such as images and videos from multiple devices to save, sort, manage media content (known as pins) through collections known as pin-boards. Pins are posted on pin-boards and are shared instantly to others who are attached to that board. This is a marketers dream come true. Instant and accurate information is available in near real time.

Pinterest Can Work for You

Pinterest is great news for small local businesses on a limited advertising budget. Pinterest will offer a fast and user friendly way to market to a much larger audience, who buy local. The marketing possibilities are endless because of the ability to reach a larger consumer base. Marketers are able to access information, companies can view comments on the product in order to learn what about the product people like or dislike. Another great marketing tool comes in the form of Pinterest Analytics. Pinterest Analytics can be used by businesses to investigate if the social networking site is right for them. In addition, the site gives marketers the chance to access the data as well as companies the ability to learn how people like or dislike the product.

Some of the more popular categories on Pinterest include:

  • food and drink
  • do it yourself projects and craft
  • women’s apparel
  • home decor

Stretching Your Marketing Dollar

What a giant billboard that you can utilize! For free! Because of its unique ability to make connections you are getting exposure for your business or product to a much wider audience. As an example of the use of Pinterest as a marketing tool and its ability to reach as massive an audience as possible we can visit the 2012 Presidential Election Campaign. In an effort to increase public awareness and to reach an audience not before used, the wives of both candidates created Pinterest accounts. Ann Romney debuted her Pinterest account in March and First Lady Michelle Obama announced hers in June. This was a great campaigning idea because it allowed the candidates to reach a wider range of constituents which may not have been considered before and allow annalists information they could use in election campaign for either of the candidates.

photo credit: Redhead in field via photopin (license)